Excel Version Changes

The latest version of Microsoft Excel has some significant changes to the user interface. The standard menu format and toolbars have been replaced by a tabbed "ribbon". Microsoft has made some downloads and interactive resources available to aid in finding commands in the new interface at: Guides to the Office 2007 User Interface

Macros written with the built-in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) are also affected in some cases. VBA related changes to be aware of include:
  • The "Developer" option must be chosen to create VBA code and ActiveX controls
  • Add-ins are now accessed from the "Office" icon in the upper left corner
  • Some objects are no longer accessed with the same commands in VBA
  • Documents saved in Excel's 2007 default format cannot contain macros
  • Saving files in earlier version formats (e.g. Excel 2003) preserves any macros
  • Macros are also retained in the template format
  • Security settings are more stringent requiring greater user interaction to enable macros
  • VBA will not be ported to 64-bit processors
  • 32-bit builds of the Office suite will include VBA and run on 64-bit processors.
  • The Macintosh 2008 version of Excel does not include VBA, although earlier versions do

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