Isotherm Energy Partners with AGROWN to Develop Energy System Solutions

Isotherm Energy is partnering with AGROWN to produce energy system solutions for their AgroDome®  Controlled Environmental Growing System (CEGS™).  

Isotherm Energy will provide both state-of-the-art and advanced technology solutions for the controlled environment agriculture market using its energy system architecture concept, tools and processes.  The state-of-the-art solution will optimize available technologies to provide a highly efficient energy storage system.  The advanced technology solution will incorporate a hydrogen-based energy storage system that provides game changing advancements in energy storage performance, potable water production, flexible integration, sustainable operation, beneficial byproducts, and climate and humidity control.

For more information on this exciting partnership, please contact:

Isotherm Energy

Nicole Moran, Managing Partner, Isotherm Energy LLC,



Sue Raftery, Founder/CEO, AGROWN, LLC/CEA Worldwide,