Largest Liquid Hydrogen Dewar Tank (Ever)

Largest Liquid Hydrogen Dewar Tank (Ever)

Isotherm Energy has been awarded a subcontract to provide support for development of the largest hydrogen dewar tank in history at the NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC). As previously reported by NASA, the new dewar will hold well over one million gallons of liquid hydrogen and is 50% larger than the current record holder that supported space shuttle launches for 30 years.

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Market Research Online Tools

The Business and Industry statistics available from the Census Bureau provide voluminous data on domestic industry parameters for market research.  Another valuable resource is "The Global Innovation 1000: Comparison of R&D Spending" tool created by Booz & Company.  The website provides a graphical representation of R&D intensity by industry or region over a sliding 7-year timeframe.  An example screenshot for the computers & electronics industry is shown.

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