Synthetic Jet Technology

Nuventix has developed a patented synthetic jet for active cooling of electronics that produces 30 to 200 turbulent air pulses per second. This pulsatile flow breaks up the fluid and thermal boundary layers that inhibit heat transfer from an electronic heat source to the cooling air flow. Lower acoustic noise and power is claimed compared to conventional fan cooling. Visit the Nuventix website for more details and an excellent Flash demo of the synthetic jet description of operation. A nice overview article is also available in the Spring 2009 issue of Thermal News.

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Thermal & Fluid Course Updated for Excel 2007

The next public offering of the short course "Thermal & Fluid Systems Modeling with Excel/VBA" will be offered June 16-18, 2009 in Beltsville, MD. The course has been completely updated for Excel 2007 while retaining all information for previous versions. An index of topics and a set of sample slides can be accessed at: Isotherm Technologies: Training. To see a full description of the course and register to attend, visit the ATI website at: Thermal & Fluid Systems Modeling course

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Intel's System-on-Chip (SoC) Designs Address Thermal Issues

Intel is developing system-on-chip (SoC) designs that combine multiple functions such as graphics processing, wireless communications and general computations on a single chip for use in smart phones, netbooks and other mobile devices. To address thermal issues, these SoC devices include on-chip temperature sensing to allow off-loading of tasks to different parts of the chip to prevent heat related damage. Lower operating voltages are also being implemented in the designs to reduce power consumption, another key thermal driver. Read more at: Intel's New Breed of Chips

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Thermal Management Articles

QPedia is an e-magazine published by Advanced Thermal Solutions that provides articles on the thermal management of electronics. As an example, the December 2008 issue contains the following topics:
  • Heat Transfer Analysis of Compact Heat Exchangers Using Standard Curves
  • Adiabatic Heat Transfer Coefficient in Thermal Analysis
  • Dimensional Analysis in Thermal Management
  • Phase Change Materials for Transient Electronics Cooling
All current and archived articles are available in pdf format for free download. Check it out at: QPedia

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Thermal & Fluid Systems Modeling Course

The next public offering of the course "Thermal & Fluid Systems Modeling with Excel/VBA" has been scheduled for June 16-18, 2009 in Beltsville, MD. This expanded 3-day course if for engineers, scientists, and others interested in developing custom thermal and fluid models using Excel and its built in programming language, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). For more information on the course, or to register for the next offering, visit:

If you are interested in bringing the course onsite, or would like to suggest a location or date for another public offering, please send an email to Online votes received so far indicate Boston, Northern CA, Las Vegas, and Austin as potential public course locations.

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Material Properties Online Database

MatWeb is a searchable database of material properties. Data sheets are available for thermoplastic & thermoset polymers, metals, ceramics, semiconductors, fibers and other engineering materials. In addition to searching by material, trade name, or manufacturer, the database can be queried for a particular property within a defined range (e.g. thermal conductivity between 100 and 1000 W/m-K). General access is free, and advanced search capabilities are available by registering your email address. Check it out at: MatWeb Material Property Data

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Heat Exchanger Online References

For anyone interested in heat transfer and fluid flow in tubular heat exchangers, two excellent online references are available from Wolverine Tube Inc. These data books provide a detailed treatment of heat transfer and fluid flow research of practical interest to heat exchanger design engineers, manufacturers, and end users. The data books can be accessed directly at:

Wolverine Engineering Data Book III

Wolverine Engineering Data Book II

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Excel/VBA Course Slots Open

There are still some open slots available for the public offering of the 2-day short course "Thermal & Fluid Systems Modeling with Excel/VBA" scheduled for Nov 18-19, 2008 in Beltsville, MD. An index of topics covered in the course can be downloaded from: Isotherm Technologies:Resources

For more information, or to register for the course, visit:

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