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Isotherm leverages market research and our knowledge of key emerging technology trends to provide critical insights into the status and direction of the global sustainable energy sector.  Our complementary services in systems development and consulting provide additional insider information on where the market and future renewable energy system advancements are heading. 

We synthesize this information to select new areas of research and development with a focus on thermal and hydrogen based technologies.  Thermal technologies drive advancements in performance optimization and can also harvest waste heat from various system inefficiencies.  And hydrogen technologies hold the key for solving the challenges of the nexus of energy, water and environmental sustainability.

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Recent Energy Trends

Matt Moran - October 22, 2015

Matt Moran - October 22, 2015

AgTech Investing Conference 2015

Matt Moran gives a presentation on energy trends and implications and their impacts on the controlled environment agriculture market.

AGROWN’s AgTech Investing Conference was designed to bring the world’s leading experts in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) vegetable production with investors actively seeking to expand their investment portfolios in commercial scale greenhouse production.

With technological advances in CEA greenhouses and the availability of power/energy and fresh water in many regions of the U.S., commercial scale vegetable production can now be “distributed” far beyond historical growing areas. 

The AgTech Investing Conference is where CEA professionals and students meet to exchange ideas and best practices to advance commercial scale vegetable production in North America.  The conference took place at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster, Ohio.


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