Research & Development

Isotherm Energy leverages market research and our knowledge of key emerging technology trends to assess the status and direction of the global sustainable energy sector.  Our complementary services in systems development and consulting provide additional insights on where the market and future renewable energy advancements are heading. We synthesize this information to select new areas of research and development with a focus on thermal and hydrogen based technologies.  Thermal technologies drive advancements in performance optimization and can harvest waste heat from various system inefficiencies.  Hydrogen technologies hold the key for solving the challenges at the nexus of energy, water and environmental sustainability.


System Model Example Isotherm Energy


We are currently developing a suite of software tools to simulate, analyze and design systems based on our hydrogen energy storage architecture. The software allows selection of various energy sources, water sources, biomass and other inputs. Options for hydrogen production, storage, byproducts, power generation, heat recovery, power output, excess hydrogen, and water management are also incorporated. Once the architecture options are selected, the software generates a system model that incorporates all the chosen parameters.

Isotherm Energy Hydrogen Energy Storage Architecture Options.jpg

Our goal is to customize this hydrogen energy storage architecture for a wide range of applications across multiple market sectors in collaboration with our partners and clients.  Planned pilot projects will begin to explore grid connected and off-grid scenarios, particularly in markets where the benefits of the architecture uniquely address inherent key requirements and constraints.  Contact us if your organization has interest in participating in these early stage studies.