Our Vision & Mission

Isotherm Energy envisions the majority of the world’s energy needs being met by systems that produce no carbon emissions by the year 2040.  Our mission is to accelerate this development and global commercialization of sustainable energy systems by integrating emerging technologies into economically viable products with no carbon footprint.

One of our key goals is to help protect the current environment using renewable technologies while preparing for the future environmental changes to come.  Our focus and expertise is primarily in sustainable energy but our long-term interest is to leverage our strengths into other synergistic projects such as clean water and efficient agriculture utilizing our collaborative partner and supplier strategy.   We envision a future global environment with increased opportunities, sustainable growth and more available resources.


Our Strategy & Competencies

Our process for developing customers, strategic partners and intellectual property validates the product-market fit and secures a sustainable competitive advantage.  Our unique value proposition is built upon four core competency areas:

  1. Unique analysis of key market and technology trends that position our clients for the global energy future.
  2. Intellectual property creation, management and licensing (patents, software copyrights, and trade secrets).
  3. Strategic relationships with key suppliers, service providers, co-development organizations and market channel partners.
  4. Expertise and proven processes for lean project management, systems engineering, and integration of emerging technologies.

Company Background

Isotherm Technologies LLC was founded in 1997 to bring pioneering power, thermal, fluid and cryogenic technologies to market by identifying joint R&D opportunities, collaborating with strategic partners, acquiring seed funding and developing new products.  Starting with a focus on identifying new technologies and markets that represented substantial revenue growth potential, we worked directly with our partners to develop products based on those technologies. 

Over an eight year period, the resulting teams acquired and executed more than $8.5M in early stage funding from government, angel, and corporate capital investments to commercialize new technologies.  Our unique process for team formulation - and track record for successful technology development & implementation - resulted in a better than 90% proposal-to-award ratio. 

In 2015, Isotherm Technology's owners decided to focus on energy technologies that produce no carbon emissions and changed the company name to Isotherm Energy LLC.