Consulting & Training

Isotherm's consulting and training builds on our unique capabilities, intellectual property, and past project successes.  We help our clients drive the discovery stage of new product development, engage strategic partners, and identify sources of capital.  Our passion for innovation is channeled toward establishing and accelerating the commercialization of new products and systems, and maximizing the return on investment.  Consulting and training services provided by Isotherm include:

  • Market opportunity identification & assessment
  • Emerging technology search & integration
  • Pre-seed funding identification & acquisition
  • Custom simulation & design software tools
  • Engineering analysis & development
  • Prototype design, testing, & demonstration
  • Intellectual property creation, strategy, & management
  • Product differentiation & positioning
  • Engineering, professional & executive training

Our Systems Approach

Isotherm Systems Approach.png

The first stages of our systems approach culminate in a detailed design concept. The remaining life cycle design phases (e.g. final design, build, assembly, integration, testing, operation, etc.) are executed after stakeholders have reached consensus on the design concept.

This approach insures that the overarching  "why", "what" and "how" are clearly defined and embed the desired outcomes into the project execution phases. Equally important is the creation of a concept of operations that drives the appropriate trade space allowing the rapid investigation of feasible solutions.

Using this approach insures a design concept that meets the top level needs, goals and objectives. It also enables an optimal solution chosen among multiple options that have been carefully analyzed.


Engineering Analysis & Modeling Course

Engineering Analysis and Modeling Course Notes.jpg

This popular 2-day course provides in-depth details on principles, practices, and implementation of Excel and its integrated programming language (VBA) for engineering analysis and model creation.

Techniques and methods are revealed that allow the creation of custom engineering models for: analyzing conceptual designs, creating system trades, simulating operation, optimizing performance and more.

The course has been taught to hundreds of participants since 2007, and hundreds more have purchased the published course notes. It has recently been brought in-house at: Wright-Patterson AFB, NASA JSC, and Navy SPAWAR through our training partner Applied Technology Institute. Contact us below for more information.