Managing Partners

Nicole Moran - Program Management & Process Development

 Nicole Moran - Isotherm Energy Managing Partner

Nicole Moran - Managing Partner for Program Management and Process Development at Isotherm Energy has more than 20 years experience in the automotive industry.  She has worked both for an original equipment manufacturer and in the supply chain.  She has a long history of leading product launches ensuring that timing, quality and price targets are met. 

At Ford, Nicole was part of the program management and launch team for the initial offering of Ford’s Hybrid Escape SUV, and later joined the newly formed seating group which implemented a common seat structure in all new car models.  Nicole was also part of the team which updated the Ford Product Development System (FPDS) to the new Global Product Development System (GPDS) which revolutionized the methodology that Ford utilizes to develop vehicles for mass production and launch.  At both United Technologies Automotive and British Tyre and Rubber, Nicole assisted in writing the product development systems which define the requirements of bringing products to market, along with writing the QS/ISO conformance standards to ensure compliance to automotive and governmental regulations.  Nicole was also part of the world class engineering team which worked to innovate processes within the company’s global manufacturing facilities.

Prior to becoming the majority owner at Isotherm Energy, Nicole was Lead Program Manager supervising the program management team at an automotive subsystems supplier with global operations.  In this position, she was responsible for the overall product development and launch of a number of projects for Ford, GM and Chrysler.  Nicole authored the company’s product development and change management processes and led the team which worked to innovate the company’s design for manufacturing (DFM) strategy.

Nicole has a Bachelor's of Science from Wayne State University (1992), PMI Program Management Professional Certification (1997), and AIAG QS/ISO Lead Auditor Certification (1998).  Her strengths include innovating the processes which bring products to mass market.

Matthew Moran – Research & Development and Engineering

 Matt Moran - Isotherm Energy Managing Partner

Matt Moran - Managing Partner for Research & Development and Engineering at Isotherm Energy has been developing power, thermal, and fluid systems and technologies since 1982.  He founded Isotherm Technologies in 1997 to bring pioneering technologies to market by identifying joint R&D opportunities, collaborating with strategic partners, acquiring seed funding and developing new products.  The resulting teams have acquired and executed more than $8.5M in early stage funding from government, angel, and corporate capital investments over an eight year period to commercialize new products. 

For more than 30 years, Matt also worked at the NASA Glenn Research Center and Johnson Space Flight Center.  In his last NASA position as Sector Manager for Energy & Materials, he was responsible for developing external partnerships with a focus on energy and materials based companies.  He previously managed a portfolio of system technology development projects and teams; and led the insertion and engineering integration of new technologies into rocket upper stages, lunar vehicles and lunar surface systems designs.  Matt developed systems and technologies that were flown on the space station, shuttle payloads, and other spacecraft. 

Matt has a passion for the business and engineering of technology development and its integration into commercial systems & products.  He has developed systems for: spacecraft, aircraft, underwater vehicles, high power lasers, fuel cells, and cryogenic propellants.  Matt has been an engineering consultant on research and development contracts for the U.S. Office of Naval Research, DARPA, Air Force, and Missile Defense Agency.  He also has expertise in technology transfer and commercialization, and has provided technology development consulting to hundreds of organizations. 

Matt has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering; graduate studies in Engineering; and an MBA in Systems Management.  He has been co-founder or key contributor to the start-up of five technology-based businesses.  Matt has 3 patents, and has published 44 technical papers and a book.