Work with Us

Isotherm Energy is a project-driven organization.  Across all our service and product offerings, we actively seek out strategic partners to deliver the highest value to our mutual customers and clients.   Our goal is to establish long term relationships that leverage the strengths of our partnering organizations to deliver an integrated solution to the marketplace. 

Following is a partial workplan that illustrates how Isotherm engages with key partners early in our development process to collaboratively bring our designs to final production.


Some examples of the partnerships we look for related to the sustainable energy market include: 

  • Co-development capabilities
  • Engineering services
  • Manufacturing and materials
  • System, subsystem and component suppliers
  • Product development and commercialization
  • Market channel partners
  • Consulting firms
  • Business event organizers
  • Software developers
  • Training coordinators
  • Licensing and IP management